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Customer Testimonials

WEIGHTLOSS I commenced a detox program for weightloss and thyroid with Teresa Alo Naturopath on 16th August 2017. It is now 10th October and I have lost 9kgs. My energy levels are better and I feel I have more energy. My whole body felt like it was a river of sludge and sluggish and now I feel 90% better and I will continue with the program because I am having such great results and feel fantastic.

Janette Morton. Bundaberg 10/10/2017

"Yeppoon Naturopathic Women's Health Centre has been incredible for me. Teresa embraces many methods to ensure each test and natural medicines have been specifically suited to my needs. My internal natural healing system has finally been awaken! Amazing results and ongoing communication. Never felt better and I look forward to what I can achieve in the near future"

Sarah - Yeppoon 8th March, 2022

"Teresa seemed to intuitively know exactly what I needed to provide a relieving massage. I will return"

Karin - Yeppoon 11th May 2022

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